Lightness of appearance
and freedom of being

In 2012 Salvatore and Antonio Ponticelli started upon a new journey. A different vision where knowledge and tailoring are deeply rooted and they endure to the frills of the present: Portofiori.

“Once upon a time” is the beginning that hides behind the seams of a story that looks at the future and that talks about all the feelings of youth and the classical wisdom. A colorful story characterized by fashion style and details. Handicraft and Innovation at the service of a new identity.

An idea where the style and lines have drawn a fresh icon, an oasis where you can restore the trend: the astonishment of the endless classical that always finds a new interpretation in the elegant and contemporary modernity. A magnificence that describes the balance between past and present.


Always among cloth, pattern and tailors, thanks to the family company that has been producing shirts for 30 years, Salvatore has always developed his imagination thanks to his personal curiosity that let him travel and live so many experiences. His route puts together tradition, colors and liveliness.


Innovation , technique and experimentation are the results of his career started in the family company and expanded in Milan, the capital of fashion, in the Fashion Design sector. Antonio has had a decisive role in the company sharing his creativity based on his personal instinct and youth and also keeping an eye towards the new trends.